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"Working with Christina Schaudel was an experience unlike any other. As a student, I learned more in her acting classes than I have in most of my other acting classes combined. As an actor and cast mate, I was constantly inspired by her work to dig deeper in my own work. In addition to being talented, Christina is always a joy to work with and be around. I feel so lucky to have gotten to experience her talent and teaching and to hopefully continue to be able to work with her!"

Sarah Goldman (actor)

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"“Christina cares so much about every students growth as a performer. She puts so much time and effort into making you feel like you’re not just a number. Her coaching really helped me improve as an actor and now I’m so much more confident in the work I do.”

Kat Kelly (actor)

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"Christina Schaudel is one of the most hands on acting coaches I’ve ever had. So precise and so caring. Worth all of the monies!”

Brandan Ali (actor)

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"I've taken four classes with Christina Schaudel, and they were worth every cent. I felt like I really mattered to her, not like I was just another student. I still use all of the techniques that she taught me, and I believe that her classes really set me straight on my career path as an actor. She is one of the most talented and personable women I've ever met."

Gabriella Marsalisi (actor)

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"Working with Christina has made me so much more confident in myself. She’s the type of person who can immediately put you at ease while also encouraging you to be better.  Nowhere else have I felt nearly as comfortable while acting in a vulnerable scene as I do when Christina is leading a class. I would highly recommend studying with her to anyone!

Maria O'Toole (actor)

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