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Skills & Expertise

Professional CV: CV


January 2014- Present

  • Provide developmental academic advisement for all students on a walk-in and appointment

  • Provide information to students regarding student support services, college policies, and guidelines.

  • Work with students to resolve issues and discrepancies pertaining to transfer credits, degree audits, transcripts, etc.

  • Provide accurate and holistic academic advising to support students on their academic journey to fulfill degree requirements, and progress toward degree completion 

  • Liaise with departments such as: Admissions, Registrar, Career Services, etc. resolving discrepancies, and advocating for students needs.

  • Assist the department with in person customer service or by email, answering emails and directing inquiries to the appropriate staff member.

  • Interpret and provide rationale for institutional policies, procedures, and requirements.

  • Inform and, if necessary, refer students to other institutional resources when academic, attitudinal, attendance, or other personal problems require intervention by other professionals. (e.g., Office of Academic Development, Academic Services, Personal Counseling, etc.)

  • (Freshman Advisees) Meet with advisee during orientation to assist student with initial adjustment to university academic life. 

  • (Continuing Advisees) Meet at least once each semester with continuing students to plan for the coming semester (or summer) and to review/revise long range academic program schedules.


September 2013- Present

  • Teach courses- Acting for Film, Voice and Speech for the Performer, Stage Makeup, Theater Appreciation

  • Prepare course curriculum for four courses each semester  

  • Utilize variety of technologies and instructional methodologies to keep courses fresh and engaging

  • Work with individual students to improve understanding and course grades.

  • Help students develop talent through range of exercises, readings and discussions.

  • Maintain attendance, progress and assignment records for each student

  • Support department head with developing new subject curriculum 

  • Develop introductory skills of beginning actors, establishing transferrable skills applicable to any future employment    

  • Creating a foundation for students to further develop transferrable skills to make them more marketable, such as resume building and development, audition material that showcases their diverse abilities, audition and interview workshops, career marketing strategies (web page development, headshots, postcards and business cards, social media marketing)

  • Create a positive and comfortable class environment establishing trust between professor, and student

  • Establish an open community environment to further enhance artist individuality 


May 2007-Present

  • Support directors with various tasks, such as marketing graphics development, final approval on costumes and props, liaison between design teams and producers/directors to ensure that the overall vision of the production is successfully met.

  • Supervise/mentor practicum students’ theatrical development throughout productions they are participating in   

  • Create sound effects, props, poster designs, costumes, and set design for institutional productions

  • Manage the relationship between practicum students and the department chairs during theatrical performances. I usually assign tasks to the practicum students. Some of which include box office management, house management skills and production assistantships to our costumer and set designer.

  • Responsible for marketing initiatives, including, web design/maintenance and video commercials 

  • Support ongoing operations for theatrical productions   

  • Serve as a liaison between the company director and press

  • Hire, train, & supervise company interns

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